My Top 10 U.S. Marathons You Must Run

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With the Boston Marathon happening next Monday, I thought it would be good time to reflect on what I consider the top 10 U.S. marathons you should try to run before you hang up those ol' running shoes. This list is based off of marathons I have run, … [Read more...]

1 Mile Time Trial Starts Feb. 25th


Starting February 25th at 6:30 p.m., Marathon Coaching & Phoenix Flyers Track Club are putting on a 1 mile time trial. Coach Allison really enjoys the mile run and it's rarely run anymore, but it is having a comeback over the last 5 years or so. … [Read more...]

Keeping Your New Year’s Running Resolutions Going

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Where into February and the excitement of running your first 5K, 10k, half marathon or marathon may have already lost some of its luster that shone so brightly in late December/early January. Have no fear! In Ian Sample's 2009 article in The Guardian … [Read more...]

The Week Leading Up to Your Marathon


It's the week of your marathon and you are anxious to the nth level. For many out here in the Phoenix area, the Rock 'n' Roll P.F. Chang's Marathon is this weekend, and I am going to give you a brief DOs and DON'Ts list for this … [Read more...]

Time short for your long run? Up the Intensity

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Although we have all heard how people like Helen Keller, Leonardo Da Vinci, the Wright Brothers achieved amazing things in their lives; and they too only had 24-hours in their day just like the rest of us, I sometimes don't find these comments quite … [Read more...]

How Did RG3 Win the Heisman without Sports Specialization?

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Although this blog is usually about  running, I am a sports fan through and through. Reading a recent article this past week about Robert Griffin III (RG3), which stated, among other things, how RG3 was a nationally recognized high school 300 meter … [Read more...]