Marathon PR without 20-mile Run

tacoma marathon

15-minute Marathon PR I just saw an email from one of my running clients that he just set a new marathon PR by nearly 15 minutes. Before we worked together his marathon PR was 4:31.25, and as of yesterday, after running the 2014 Tacoma Marathon, his … [Read more...]

My Top 10 U.S. Marathons You Must Run

boston marathon 2014 logo

With the Boston Marathon happening next Monday, I thought it would be good time to reflect on what I consider the top 10 U.S. marathons you should try to run before you hang up those ol' running shoes. This list is based off of marathons I have run, … [Read more...]

The Week Leading Up to Your Marathon


It's the week of your marathon and you are anxious to the nth level. For many out here in the Phoenix area, the Rock 'n' Roll P.F. Chang's Marathon is this weekend, and I am going to give you a brief DOs and DON'Ts list for this … [Read more...]

Time short for your long run? Up the Intensity

running silouette

Although we have all heard how people like Helen Keller, Leonardo Da Vinci, the Wright Brothers achieved amazing things in their lives; and they too only had 24-hours in their day just like the rest of us, I sometimes don't find these comments quite … [Read more...]

How to Train for a Marathon Through the Holiday Season

christmas birds in hats

It's that time of year again: Holiday parties at work, family gatherings, traveling, and the seemingly endless supply of sugary sweets, alcohol, and comfort foods that have been in front of you at every turn since Thanksgiving hit. And here you are … [Read more...]

Knowing the Marathon Course for Your Big Race

pf chang's

Although most of us out there are not trying to break any world records in our next race, some of us are looking to PR, or just simply finish the marathon itself. One way to get an edge on the competition (even if the competition is only with … [Read more...]

Dress Rehearsal for Your Upcoming Marathon or Goal Race.

dress rehearsal running

For those of you who know me understand that I strongly believe in racing before your goal race. While I am competitive, this is not the sole reason I enjoy racing before my goal event. The real reason I like racing before any goal event, especially … [Read more...]

What Pace to Run?

runner running the wrong pace

So you are worried about what pace to run your full or half marathon. You are worried that you are going to bonk at the 10- or 20-mile mark. How do you know how fast to run this goal race in the first place?A good place to start is what pace are … [Read more...]

To Carry a Water Bottle or Not?

fuel belt

To carry a water bottle or not? I get this question a lot and here are my thoughts on the matter. I think if you are going to be out there between 2 to 5 hours, like the majority of you will be, then yes, I would get familiar with wearing some … [Read more...]