Featured Athlete – Laura Fuchs

Laura Fuchs, Age 42

Race Highlight
  • June 2009: Started Coach Allison’s program.
  • October 2009: Ran first Half Marathon in October in 2:23 (10.55 minutes per mile).
  • November 2009: Ran first 10K in 57:25 (9:15 minutes per mile).
Before Training with Coach Allison

Before training with Coach Allison, I was a recreational jogger, not a runner. I jogged every once and a while at a 12 minute pace and never went more than 3 miles. I never would have considered entering a race. I remember telling my husband, “Oh, I could never run more than 3 miles!” I exercised regularly at the gym but my weight and body never changed. I did not have any friends who exercised on a regular basis and I always exercised alone. I had a hard time staying motivated and struggled to maintain an exercise program.

The first time I met Coach Allison, I knew that he would be a great coach. He listened to my background and worked to design a program to fit my life and my abilities. By consistently following the plans he provides, I have seen great improvements. I have gotten faster and running is more enjoyable. I now consider myself a runner. In addition, and more importantly, I have a new view of myself and my athletic limits. Coach Allison has taught me to doubt my limits. I now believe that all the limits I place on myself should be questioned and challenged. In fact, I just signed up to run a full marathon.

By being part of Coach Allison’s program, I have made great friends who are active on a regular basis. During our track workouts and group runs, Coach Allison’s positive attitude rubs off on everyone and we all have a great time sweating together. Oh, by the way, I have lost 10 pounds and I have seen positive changes in my body.

Before Training with Coach Allison
After working with David
  • Jogged irregularly at a 12 minute pace
  • Never jogged further than 3 miles
  • Had trouble staying motivated to exercise
  • Had no active friends
  • Half Marathon:  2:23 (10.55 minutes per mile)
  • 10K:  57:25 (9:15 minutes per mile)