Human Kindness Through Running
Coaching in Arizona Since 2007
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Marathon Coaching Consultants

If you’re looking to meet some cool people, a coach who really knows his stuff (but isn’t arrogant) and improve your running to a pace you never thought it could get to, then you need to try Marathon Coaching Consultants!

We have been around for almost 10 years in Arizona and have coached people of all ages, levels and abilities.

We believe in Human kindness Through Running.

Here is how Marathon Coaching Consultants looks at coaching runners…


Look, you’re not getting paid to run a 5K or marathon…are you? If you are, then maybe you should be coaching us! Seriously, while we love people who want to improve their running times, we all need to remember to find a level of fun when we are training and competing.


We understand that your life won’t be fulfilled until you qualify for Boston, but you need to still have a bit of balance at the home front. Let’s make sure your spouse and kids see you more often than your running comrades, okay?


Sometimes it’s going to be hard to reach that running goal. Maybe it’s finishing your first 5K or perhaps it’s getting under 4-hours in the marathon for the first time. Whatever your goals are, there will be times when you will need to dig deep and focus on the task at hand.


Don’t freak out! Exhale…breathe…Ahhhh, Yes!

True, the internet is a wonderful tool with an endless supply of information on practically everything. And because of this, you may feel overwhelmed when reading about the countless training methods, plans, workouts, equipment and supplements that can help you become a better and faster runner. But, take a beat and relax. In all of our years of coaching, we feel that for 99% of the runners we coach, being consistent, training smarter, eating cleaner and getting rest are the key ingredients for improving their performance.